Horseback Riding Tours in Ecuador

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Horseback Riding in the Andes

3 Days Andean Horses Tour

  • Our three-day horseback riding tour is an impressive and memorable way to experience the famous Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador. Before beginning our journey, we start with instructions in a safe enclosure with the help of an experienced guide, in order to allow riders to gain confidence with the horses. The first day is spent riding through local farms toward the magnificent Cotopaxi, where we have striking views of Corazon, Illinizas and Ruminaui. Inside Cotopaxi Park, we make a wide circle around the volcanoes, offering us first-hand views of the flora, fauna and ecosystem at a high altitude. We have the opportunity to see wild horses, llamas, eagles, condors and wild cattle, all of which roam within the Park’s boundaries. The first night, we camp under the stars and cook on an open camp fire. The second day, we ride and visit Lake Limpiopungo in the flatlands of Cotopaxi. This experience is highly recommended for nature lovers wanting to experience the true way of life in the open Andean mountains. Camping on the second night is at the Tambopaxi Hostel, where we pitch our tents in the hostel grounds and have access to their facilities. This tour covers 40km (24.8 miles) each day and is therefore recommended for riders who have some experience.

  • From: $295 to $450
Horseback Riding in Ecuador

2 Days Horses Advanced Tour in the Andes

  • This horseback riding tour in Ecuador follows a more demanding route than the beginners’ tour and affords the more experienced rider the chance to trek along the magnificent mountain trails of Illinizas. After the first day’s trek, we stop for dinner close to the famous hot springs of "Milagro", where we set up camp for the night and provide dinner around a roaring campfire. The next day, you can enjoy a dip in the hot springs. After a delicious breakfast, the horse trek continues through the fascinating indigenous communities in the area of "Kunu-Yacu" (hot springs). Following lunch, we make our way back to Hosteria PapaGayo for coffee and cake.
  • From: $170 to $370
Beginners Horseback Riding Tour in Ecuador

2 Days Horses Beginner Tour

  • This horseback riding tour provides a wonderful opportunity for beginners to see parts of the magnificent Andes Mountains in Ecuador and to become more comfortable with their horses. After a training session, we begin a gentle six-hour trek in the surrounding trails, led by our professional native guide, and stopping for a delicious lunch. We spend the night in the cabinas of the Boliche National Park - boasting fantastic views of Cotopaxi - and have dinner and a campfire. The next day, after a hearty breakfast, we continue our horse trek through the highlands of Rumiñahui, stopping for lunch and arriving back at hosteria PapaGayo for coffee and cake.

  • From: $160 to $340
Beginners Horseback Riding in Ecuador

1 Day Horses Tour

  • Discover the wilderness of the volcanoes of Ecuador and pure nature on our tailor made horseback riding tours. These basic horse-riding tours are available for either two or four hours, or a whole day. Taking place in the beautiful trails near Hosteria PapaGayo, horse trekking is the perfect way to admire the famous Andean scenery and see stunning views of Corazon, Illinizas & Cotopaxi. The tours are for beginners or experienced riders. You can choose between an English/Western and Colombian comfort saddle.

    All tours begin matching horses to riders, followed by a training session which will allow you to become accustomed to our trained, thoroughbred horses and to pick up basic riding tips. Includes guide, lunch & equipment (riding helmets).

  • From: $40 to $100

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